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UHealth Surgeon Successfully Removes Cuban Teenager’s Massive Facial Tumor

From left, Robert E. Marx, D.D.S., and his surgical team begin the 12-hour procedure.

From left, Robert E. Marx, D.D.S., and his surgical team begin the 12-hour procedure.

An internationally renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon with UHealth – the University of Miami Health System and the Miller School of Medicine is leading a collaborative study to determine the cause of a 14-year-old Cuban boy’s unusual facial tumor and underlying bone disorder.

“We will be searching for genetic mutations, as well as the tumor’s cellular biology and molecular activity,” said Robert E. Marx, D.D.S., professor of surgery and chief of the Division of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the Miller School.

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Sylvester Researchers Recruiting Healthy Women for Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Study

Often referred to as the “silent killer,” ovarian cancer does not become symptomatic for many women until a late stage of the disease. So any advance that shifts detection earlier, and allows physicians to intervene when survival remains potentially longer, can be welcome news. Sylvester researcher Brian Slomovitz, M.D., and colleagues are conducting a biomarker study to improve early detection, and survival.

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From left, Tally Hustace, M.S.N., ARNP, Ofelia Alvarez, M.D., Shanette Daniels, and Fatima Rigaud.

Walk-a-thon Raises Funds for Pediatric Sickle Cell Program

In hopes of making a difference for children suffering from sickle cell anemia, Shanette Daniels, a family advocate for the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe, created an event she hopes will become an annual tradition. Daniels and her sister, Toni Knight, came up with the idea for a walk-a-thon early in 2017.

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Miami Project Researcher Publishes Seminal Book on Physics of Mind and Brain Disorders

Ioan Opris, Ph.D., associate scientist at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, has edited and published The Physics of the Mind and Brain Disorders (Springer), a groundbreaking book about the physics of the mind that explores recent advances in the understanding of brain structure, functionality and cognitive disorders based on fundamental principles of physics.

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University of Miami Miller School of Medicine researchers will collaborate with other leading institutions in this NIH initiative.

UM Researcher to Play Prominent Role in NIH Effort to Develop New Medicines

A University of Miami Miller School of Medicine researcher is taking a prominent role in a high-priority National Institutes of Health research consortium designed to identify promising new targets for drug development. It’s part genomics, part big data, and all about driving discoveries that could someday translate to new treatments for cancer, neurological diseases, and other conditions, said Stephan Schürer, Ph.D.

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UM Investigators Join NIH Initiative to Transform Biomedical Research into Data Science

If you build it, the data will not only come, it will be standardized, accessible and reusable by researchers around the world. With this in mind, the National Institutes of Health is creating its Data Commons initiative and invited University of Miami investigators to contribute their expertise. "There is a big effort at the NIH now to bring biomedical research into the data science era," said Stephan Schürer, Ph.D.

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